Thursday, September 13, 2007

What to Look for in a Wholesale Electronic Supply Distributor

When it comes to wholesale electronic supply distributors, there are hundreds out there. You should screen them all to find the perfect match for your company.

Begin by ensuring that the prospective wholesale electronic supply company has a solid datafeed. Most companies will not let you see the datafeed until you are approved for an account. You can handle this in a couple of ways. You can sign up for the account and then check out the datafeed to see how quality it is. Or, you can simply email the wholesale electronic supply company and ask about their datafeed.

If the company you are interested in does not have a datafeed, I would cut my losses and move on to the next one. Why? A datafeed and an FTP program can save you much work in the form of copying and pasting information.

Of course, you are going to want to price shop. Most wholesale electronic supply distributors have very similar pricing varying from item group to item group. But, you will run into that price gouger that will attempt to gain your business and then way over charge you for goods severely limiting your profits. I've run into many of these. Just move on. I wouldn't even try to negociate.

Find out if the potential wholesale electronic supply distributor has images for all of their products. You don't want to be searching all over the Internet for images. That is a pain not worth enduring. Why? Well, once you find the image, you will have to get written permission from the owner to use it to avoid copyright infringement. That isn't any fun at all and could require a full time staff to accomplish.

Even better, ensure that your wholesale electronic supply company has images available for FTP download. That makes it very quick and painless.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wholesale Electronic Supply Dropshippers - Good Luck Finding A Legit One

Finding a dealer who will help you with Wholesale Electronic Supply is not the easiest task out there. As a matter of fact, doing this utilizing Google and Yahoo to do raw searches over the Internet is next to impossible.

Granted, you may run across some companies that offer Wholesale Electronic Supply. But, be warned, these companies are often middle men posing as drop shippers to gain you as a client. I will not go as far to say that these companies are crooked or are in the act of scamming folks, but they certainly stand between you and the legitimate Wholesale Electronic Supply drop shipper.

Your best bet is to go with a legitimate drop shipping company. The best way to find these is to pay the fee and join one of the reputable wholesale distributor services that are accessible online. I've gone through, tested and communicated with many of them myself to resolve their legitimacy.

One of the best wholesale distributor companies is OneSource - World Wide Brands. I have used them for my own ecommerce sites for a few years and find that they have a massive amount of legitimate wholesale distributors already lined up for you to contact. All of their distributors have been verified and most of them offer drop shipping services. Give them a look.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dropshipping Wholesale Electronic Supply

Using Dropship to Buy and Sell Electronics and Other Products
By Chris Robertson

As consumers, the Internet has given us unprecedented opportunities to shop for virtually all types of products from the comfort of our homes. Whether we're in the market for electronics or a new computer, jewelry or a handbag, or household items or toys, it only takes a few clicks of our mouse to find what we need. At the same time, one of the challenges of shopping online is the timeliness with which our orders are fulfilled.

The supply chain of online stores is such that they often stock inventory on an "as needed" basis. That means that if you order a radar detector, for example, the online store may not have it in stock. The store may have to wait for their radar detector supplier to ship it to the seller, who in turn must ship it to you. That can mean delays ranging from several days to several weeks.

Some online merchants, however, use what is called dropship. This means that when you place your order, it goes directly to the manufacturer or supplier. The manufacturer or supplier, in turn, ships the product directly to you. So if you ordered both electronics and toys from the same online merchant, for example, you would get two shipments: one from the electronics supplier and one from the toy manufacturer. One advantage of dropship is that it bypasses the middleman (the online merchant) and cuts down the time your order reaches your doorstep. Another advantage of dropship is that your order won't be held up by a backorder. In the example used above, your electronics will be shipped to you even though your toys may not be immediately available.

If you are an online merchant, dropship also offers a number of advantages. First, and most importantly, you don't have to stock inventory. This means that you don't have to rent space to store inventory, that you don't have to track inventory, and that you don't have to deal with the time and hassle of setting up a shipping department and shipping merchandise to your customers.

Dropship also allows you to sell a wide variety of products. Because you don't have to stock merchandise, and instead can rely upon suppliers and manufacturers to do order fulfillment for you, your online store can carry everything from jewelry and handbags to computers and household items. You'll never have to worry about how much of any particular item you need to order, and you'll never have to deal with excess inventory. Reliable dropshippers will fulfill your customers' orders quickly and efficiently, thus enhancing your reputation as an online seller.

Because online merchants who dropship don't have the overhead expenses incurred by merchants that carry inventory, they can pass along the costs savings to their customers. As a result, customers can get terrific bargains, often buying electronics and other items at near-wholesale prices.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Wholesale Prices and Dropshipping or Majon's Business and Entrepreneurs directory.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finding a Wholesale Electronic Supply Distributor

The Wholesale Electronic Supply business can be very lucrative if you find the right supplier. You must be on the lookout for scammers and devious "middle-men" setup on the Internet to con you into paying for their services.

The middle-men in the wholesale electronic supply drop-shipping and distributing business commonly charge a monthly fee for utilizing their services. This is your first warning that this company may not be legitimate. It is unusual for a wholesaler to charge a fee like this.

This type of shady middle-men operating as wholesale electronic supply distributors are actually not even real distributors. What they do is purchase from manufacturers and distributors and the mark the products up even more and resell them to unknowing retailers.

The best thing you can do is take an item from the distributor that you are interested in. Then, do a Google or Yahoo search to see if you can find this item available for sale anywhere on the Internet. Once you find the item, if you find the item, compare the price to your wholesale price. This should be an immediate indicator that this particular distributor is either legit or not.

Now, my advice is to go ahead and pay for a service that supplies and screens real drop-shippers and distributors. Finding a wholesale electronic supply distributor can be an overwhelming chore and the price you pay for a service like this far outdoes the work you would have to do to actually find distributors or even two or three.

It is always wise to have more than one wholesale electronic supply distributor. Do not make the mistake of letting your business depend on one single distributor. What if your supplier closes shop? Then you are out of business until you find another.

Finding a good wholesale electronic supply distributor should not be a massively overwhelming task if done through a good service. This will save you much heartache and stress.

Wholesale Electronic Supply

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