Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finding a Wholesale Electronic Supply Distributor

The Wholesale Electronic Supply business can be very lucrative if you find the right supplier. You must be on the lookout for scammers and devious "middle-men" setup on the Internet to con you into paying for their services.

The middle-men in the wholesale electronic supply drop-shipping and distributing business commonly charge a monthly fee for utilizing their services. This is your first warning that this company may not be legitimate. It is unusual for a wholesaler to charge a fee like this.

This type of shady middle-men operating as wholesale electronic supply distributors are actually not even real distributors. What they do is purchase from manufacturers and distributors and the mark the products up even more and resell them to unknowing retailers.

The best thing you can do is take an item from the distributor that you are interested in. Then, do a Google or Yahoo search to see if you can find this item available for sale anywhere on the Internet. Once you find the item, if you find the item, compare the price to your wholesale price. This should be an immediate indicator that this particular distributor is either legit or not.

Now, my advice is to go ahead and pay for a service that supplies and screens real drop-shippers and distributors. Finding a wholesale electronic supply distributor can be an overwhelming chore and the price you pay for a service like this far outdoes the work you would have to do to actually find distributors or even two or three.

It is always wise to have more than one wholesale electronic supply distributor. Do not make the mistake of letting your business depend on one single distributor. What if your supplier closes shop? Then you are out of business until you find another.

Finding a good wholesale electronic supply distributor should not be a massively overwhelming task if done through a good service. This will save you much heartache and stress.

Wholesale Electronic Supply

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